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Lilac Park

A nice rest stop off the Cedar Lake bike trail connecting Minneapolis and Hopkins. There once were many other rest stops built along Lilac Way (Highway 100) which was a WPA project during the Depression.

The beehive fireplace and table were taken from Lilac Park near Minnetonka Boulevard and placed at Roadside (now Lilac) Park.  The original park near Minnetonka Boulevard is scheduled for demolition when highway 100 is widened in 2017.  St. Louis Park used to have three Lilac Way parks: Roadside (renamed and restored), Lilac (salvaged) and Excelsior (already lost to road construction).

Graeser Park in Robbinsdale is the other remaining Lilac Way park, complete with it’s own beehive.  There have been prelimary plans to preserve it.

From W.P.A. Accomplishments in Minneapolis:BELT LINE HIGHWAY: WPA labor was employed on this interlacing super-highway, which crosses 9 highways or arterial streets and includes five railway grade separations and two arterial highway separations of clover-leaf type. It provides a sixty-foot main highway 66 miles long, flanked on each side by walks and service drives. This traffic artery enables motorists from the west to enter the heart of Minneapolis at the most advantageous point, with minimum confusion and maximum safety.

Incinerator, Minnehaha Park

I’ve always wondered what this big chimney was for every time I walk by it in Minnehaha Park.  Turns out it was was built in 1939 by the WPA for the Minneapolis Park Board.  It was used as an incinerator for refuse generated by park visitors until the 1960s.  The WPA quarried the limestone from within the park to build this structure and others.  We found this information in the 1992 Minnehaha Park Renovation Plan.