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Jeremy Messersmith at Pioneer and Soldier’s Cemetery, October 8 ,2011

The Friends of the Cemetery could not have picked a better October day for a concert in a graveyard.  It featured Jeremy Messersmith, whose last record was inspired by the Pioneer and Soldier’s Cemetery at Lake and Cedar Avenue. 

Toussaint Grey, thought to be the first African-American born in the area is buried at the cemetery.  Messersmith wrote a song about him and his grave was a station for the smart phone scavenger hunt as was the grave of War of 1812 veteran, James Glover.

The turnout was good, there was a healthy presale of tickets and hopefully it will be repeated.  Messersmith was a little under the weather but sounded great and played the bulk of the “Reluctant Graveyard” album.

Although it was a wonderful warm day, these geese did a migratory flyby at the end of the concert to remind us it was really Autumn.