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Honeywell Diamond Jubilee Game, 1960

For 2 dollars you could get yourself the Honeywell Diamond Jubilee Game in 1960. Game play follows the shape of an H and features a time line with Honeywell and American historical landmarks on most of the playing spaces.  As Honeywell is part of the military-industrial complex, many of the dates highlighted on the timeline relate to U.S. military history and the Cold War.

Honeywell perfected its first thermostat in 1885.  The pink spaces would highlight a “product first” and would allow a player to earn a diamond. The object of the game is to get the finish with three diamonds first.

Another product first - 1906 - clock thermostat (couldn’t have a programmable thermostat without this invention!).

Game play isn’t especially changing and not at all cerebral.  The Honeywell Diamond Jubilee Game is governed by chance, not the choices a player makes.  Unless you land on a “product first” or “direction block” space, you are just waiting for your next turn.  If you do land on a “direction block” space you receive a “profit or loss” card.  These cards may make you go back spaces, go forward spaces or even make you give your hard earned diamonds to someone else.

This is interesting to compare to the bookshelf games series that 3M produced around the same time period.  The very excellent Acquire is probably the most enduring and asks much more of a player than the above Honeywell game does.