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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1885

This book is from our Hoag Mark Twain Collection.  In 1885 Mark Twain did a book tour with fellow author George Cable to promote his new book.  Ezra Pabody remembers attending Mark Twain’s January 24, 1885 appearance in Minneapolis in this recollection.

Pabody’s recollection has much more depth than his journal entry for that day:

Saturday January 24 I was quite hoarse this morning when I got up but it soon passed away. I changed the water in my aquarium this morning and fed the fish. Then I began to draw a dial for the parlor clock. At two oclock Aunt Myra and I went to hear Mark Twain and George Cable at the grand opera house. I thawed out the water pipes in Mr. Harringtons this evening. I finished the clock dial and put it on this eve Quite mild today. Fifteen above in morning.