Minnesota Stamp Expo ‘98

The 1998 Minnesota Stamp Expo was different from the previous years. In addition to stamps, the expo celebrated sports cards, coins, and other collectibles, some of which were pictured on the back of the program.

The expo, which occurred almost exactly sixteen years ago, took place at the Minneapolis Convention Center, from Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th. It allowed people who shared a common passion to come together and learn more about their hobby.

A highlight of the show was the exhibits. Visitors to the stamp expo could vote for they exhibit they thought was the most effective. The exhibits included 19th Century Scandinavian Postal Stationary, A Salute to America’s Wildlife Artists, and Major Errors and Printing Flaws of Icelandic Stamp Issues. The exhibits particularly focused on Germany and Scandinavia, as well as America. Other parts of the world—ranging from British New Guinea and Papua to the Himalayas—were represented.

The Minnesota Stamp Expo is held annually in July.


This post was written by Special Collections intern Irene. Irene and others have been working on a thorough inventory of the Minneapolis event program collection, which includes thousands of programs from a variety of venues and performers from the 1860s to today.