Minnesota Book Artist Award 2014 

(Images from Deeply Honored by Fred Hagstrom, 2010)

The Minnesota Book Awards has announced Fred Hagstrom as the winner of the 2014 Minnesota Book Artist Award. The award is presented annually by Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) and the Minnesota Book Awards. It recognizes a Minnesota book artist or book artist collaborative for “excellence of a new artistic work, demonstrated proficiency and quality in the book arts through their body of work, as well as an ongoing commitment and significant contributions to Minnesota’s book arts community.”

Hagstrom’s award winning piece, Passage, examines the historic tragedy of the slave trade, using photos and diagrams to illustrate the inhumane conditions aboard slave ships. The images are paired with selected texts from two historical books that were important for building opposition to the slave trade: An Essay on the Impolicy of the African Slave Trade by Thomas Clarkson, 1788, and Biographical Sketches and Interesting Anecdotes of Person of Color by A. Mott, 1837.

One of Hagstrom’s earlier works, Deeply Honored (pictured) tells a story of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and Carleton College’s actions to present scholarships to 5 students in order to release them from the camps and provide them with an education. The book is on display now in Special Collections.

Previous winners of the Minnesota Book Artist Award include Jana Pullman (2013), Bridget O’Malley and Amanda Degener of Cave Paper (2012), Regula Russelle (2011), Wilber H. “Chip” Schilling (2010), Paulette Myers-Rich (2009), and Jody Williams (2008).

View books by all of these artists and more in the Fine Press and Book Arts Collection at Minneapolis Central Library.