Donald Celender’s “Wind and Water Chime” at Nokomis Library

Installed at Nokomis Library in 1968, the sculpture was inspired by local Minnehaha Falls. After some restoration work there is a ceremony welcoming it back to Nokomis Library on July 13.

The brass, bronze and copper sculpture was removed when the library closed for renovation in 2009. The sculpture was restored by art conservator Kristin Cheronis and reinstalled with a new bench surround at Nokomis Library in 2013. Restoration funded by: One Percent for Art .

Dr. Donald Celender, an art professor at Macalester College for 40 years, designed the sculpture.  Celender was a native of Pittsburg and died in 2005. It was paid for by the Airport Area Merchants Association.

Here is Celender’s statement on the sculpture from November 1968:

The 16-foot-high piece was conceived as an ethereal, slightly active, varicolored composite of reflecting forms which would simulate nearby Minnehaha Falls as well as introduce a sense of subtle sound and motion in the library. At times the piece can be read as cascading water, at other times as forms moving slowly in space on several planar levels.

The piece is composed of approximately 4,000 component-parts. These include 2” x 2” and larger rectangles of brass and phosphorus bronze, each hand-shaped and strung on 600 yards of monofilament line. The piece is composed of three hexagon units to echo the hexagonal shape of the building. It is the only one of its kind in the world.

The color image is of Celender admiring his work at the library and some 1972 publicity photos of children reading that happen to have the sculpture in the background.

Here are some present day images.