Fruen Mill Minneapolis by Telegraph Studios

These are some haunting images from the once vibrant Fruen Mill in Minneapolis, MN. The crumbling brick, rusting metal and aging graffiti can’t hide the small spots of life as foliage grows up through the ruins.

Fruen Mill started grinding grain by water power on Bassett’s Creek in 1894. The original workshop was built in 1872 - William H. Fruen originally manufactured screws and waterwheel governors in his workshop, which burned with the original mill in 1920.  A more modern cereal mill powered by diesel (1916) survived the fire. The structures in the video above were mostly built after 1920.  The Fruen company was the first manufacturer of table cereals (Pettijohn Breakfast food) in Minneapolis. The milling company was sold to ConAgra in 1971.

The vacant mill has been a dangerous place for tresspassers: Ron Block of Burnsville died there after a fall in 2006. A year before an 18 year old Robbinsdale man survived a 70 foot fall on the property.

Glenwood Inglewood Company, and located near the Fruen mill also founded in 1894, was owned by 4 generations of the Fruen family until 1990, when it was sold to Deep Rock Company.